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Teaching Your Children Yoga

Vidhi Bhaala

There comes a strong sense of responsibility and nurture when parents see a part of themselves in their children. It’s not just about DNA or blood. Character, values and the most important things in a child’s life are a direct reflection of the actions of parents and other adults in their daily lives.

Setting a good example and reinforcing it with responsible mentoring influences the way a child grows character, expectations and self-confidence. Everything from a person’s skill set, intelligence, personality and identity are predictable consequences of their childhood experiences. Parents play a significant role in creating all aspects of a child’s behavioral and cognitive individuality. 

Adults who are educated on the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga, encourage their children to learn as early as possible. Mediation and breathing techniques to calm the mind and yoga practices to strengthen the body have proven to decrease anxiety, cultivate inner strength and increase overall health in children.

The ideal approach is to begin with simple exercises and make it amusing. Parents often find themselves growing and improving their own well-being in the process. A perfect place to start would be the repetition of an affirmative mantra multiple times. The outcome is increased concentration and focus of a calm mind.

Karma Mantra Japa Malas are hand-woven beads used in the practice of mindful meditation. They’re each crafted by artisans whose families inherited the practice of yoga and meditation for generations.

The goal isn’t about perfecting the practice but instead about consciously creating an environment of peace, learning, health and development. There can be no better legacy to leave for the future.


Photo Credit : @pault8_upsidedown