Today, more than ever, we need to cultivate an interest in defining, developing and maintaining spiritual health amid the bedlam of our caustic world. As the name suggests, Karma Mantra quite simply put is: Destiny’s Motto. Each one of us is entitled to a journey that is unique and exclusive to our own. Karma Mantra recognizes this Spiritual Individuality, a common thread among its seekers, and has decided to create and curate jewelry inspired by divine ancient influences while introducing striking modern details. Karma Mantra is a collection of unique gems, precious stones and exclusive handmade, hand-finished jewelry pieces.

Being born and raised in India, I was able to experience a land so rich with sacred history and holy places. My mother was raised in the foothills of Mussoorie (India) where I frequently visited as a child. While still in my formative years, I would accompany my father on spiritual passages to mystical temples and sacred grounds such as Haridwar, Rishikesh and parts of Punjab. These trips catalyzed my education and interest in the art of spirituality. During these trips I learned about the Japa Mala, a blessed string of stones with unexplained energies from its beautiful gems. With the help of my mother, who is an artist by profession, I started examining and creating exquisite pieces. To be considered worthy of jewelry, our stones and minerals must have a specific rarity, durability, attractiveness, size, and color. But most importantly, the stones should draw the attention of the seeker whilst capturing their soul and making them a believer.

After years of perfecting design and aesthetic, Karma Mantra was launched in 2008. Today, the jewelry is manufactured by different family artisans in India and Nepal with production blueprints sent from our offices in New Jersey. Prior to that, they are sent to our precious jewels manufacturing unit in Florida to make sure all the measurements match up. To ensure that there is no compromise to quality, I frequent trips to India inspecting all the raw materials that are used in the production of our pieces. After production, quality control checks every product before its shipped from India or Nepal. Then finally, the team at the New Jersey offices examines each piece before its tagged and shipped to our distributors, retailers and direct customers. We take great pride in our quality, design and service.

Karma Mantra is more than just jewelry. It is an age-old movement to bring seekers to a spiritual connection with good health; it is beyond than just what is physical. We are driven by the goal of supporting all our followers on a brave search for the truth about existence. Fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life and devotion to the wisdom of their hearts.

With Peace & Love,