Karma Mantra

Empowerment Japa Mala

$ 48
"An empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description."

Meet Hong Vo
Mother, Entrepreneur, Yogi.

What does Empowerment mean to Hong?

"To me, Empowerment is a birthright.  It’s something we bring into this life.  It’s a knowing that no matter our story, our gender or the color of our skin, that we are all beautiful inspired creators and we deserve to thrive.  That is our divine gift."
The Empowerment Japa Mala celebrates the most important thing we all wear - Confidence.

Beads of Rose Agate, Desert Rose Jasper and Faceted Turquoise represent the strength, beauty, love and wisdom in every human spirit.
Karma Mantra in collaboration with Namaste Tribe dedicate the Empowerment Mala to all those individuals who aren't afraid to start over, rebuild themselves, lift others, and spread love wherever they go.

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