STUDIOmat Yoga Mat

$ 68

Comfort lovers rejoice!

The Kulae STUDIOmat combines world-class comfort and durability with next-level eco-responsibility.

Free is key! These mats are free of latex, rubber, phthalates & heavy metal, while also maintaining the superior grip and resilient quality your practice deserves.

Kulae makes a clean conscience easy. Our mats are crafted at a community-conscious manufacturer, committed to using as little energy as possible. They prioritize kindness to our planet, aiming to leave no carbon footprint behind and using karmically positive materials. But don’t just take our word for it: the Kulae STUDIOmat is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, ASTM D6400 certified (biodegradable), and the factory is ISO certified -- with an official U.S. patent grant and registered trademark -- so you know they’re safe for everybody.

There is a brief break in period with the Kulae STUDIOmat. Within a couple weeks, you will become one with your mat.

Product specifications:  72”x24”x4mm, 4.5lbs

Care: For best results, clean your mat using soap or organic mat cleaner and water with a sponge or cloth. Hang-dry.

Storage: Avoid keeping your mat in hot cars and/or direct sunlight to avoid premature decomposition.

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